Hello! I'm an illustrator living and working in Portland, Oregon (recently relocated from Brooklyn, New York). Cat person, Thursday's Child, INTJ. 

My illustration focuses on the intersection of physical and emotional spaces. I like to combine the physical area we exist and interact in with the unseen, emotional plane that is more subtle. My work blends isometric perspectives with imperfect, organic lines and textures. I like to blend the precise with the imperfect, the logical with the emotional. I also like to draw cats! 

Let's chat about projects! hey@sunnyeckerle.com

My clients include - 
Urban Outfitters
Penguin Random House
She Shreds
Valley Cruise Press
Country Living Magazine
The Cat Kit

A Song A Day
Bedford + Bowery
Classic Specs
Father/Daughter Records
Brooklyn Kolache + Swell Dive

My work has been featured on -
Time Out New York
Brooklyn Magazine
 Design Crush
Catster Magazine
Brightest Young Things

I've been interviewed by -
Society 6
Spindle Magazine
Sea foam Magazine
Catster Magazine (formerly Cat Fancy!)