PIE - A Zine About Memories and Pie Eating

Not much can be said about the internet that hasn't be said before, but I'll go ahead and add one more bit of commentary. I really like it. While it can sometimes feel like a strange periscope that shows only people who are more happy, popular, successful or talented than you, it's more often than not an incredibly powerful and surprising vehicle to meet, connect, and collaborate with people that you'd otherwise not have the chance to know. Most recently, it brought me together with Muriel Vega, an Atlanta based writer and developer. 

I don't remember when or how Muriel and I started following each other on Instagram. Never having met in real life and living over 800 miles away from each other, it's one of the fun coincidences made possible by social media. Through whatever digital happenstance connected us, I was able to watch her progress on something she dubbed Muriel's 50 Pies.

Earlier this year she set a goal to bake 50 pies. She wasn't much of a pie baker before she started her quest (although she would come to be one, just check out her Instagram!) but rather she wanted to challenge herself to learn something new, get better at it, and have patience throughout the process. It was a very cool and inspiring project, which you can read more about here

A few months ago, Muriel reached out to me about the next iteration of the project, which was a zine that would combine the recipes, memories, and emotions about pie that people had begun to spontaneously reach out to her with. See? This is why I really like the internet. She was pulling everything together and asked if I'd like to illustrate the cover for the zine, which I gladly accepted. 

I just received my copy of the zine over the weekend and it's truly such a lovely piece. The limited edition of 50 (which are now sold out) were available online and in select shops around Atlanta. Even better, Muriel donated the proceeds to the Atlanta Community Food Bank! 

I was so happy to be part of the project and to have the opportunity to work with someone as kind and driven as Muriel. It's so inspiring to see what people can accomplish when they set their minds and hearts to it. It's also so exciting what people can do together when they're able to connect over common goals and interests. 

     A fews shot of the PIE zine goodness from   Muriel's Instagram .


A fews shot of the PIE zine goodness from Muriel's Instagram.

    For sale in  Criminal Records  in Atlanta!


For sale in Criminal Records in Atlanta!