When I Can't Find a Bodega Cat

Today I went looking for some new bodega cats but sadly, I came up empty. Since I don't have any new cats on my list, I've drawn the new beverages I've found instead.

Most the bodega cats I've drawn up until this point have been ones that I met organically. I've popped into a store for a coffee or water or gum and seen a cat on the counter or hiding under a rack of chips. It's super exciting when this happens, (1) because I love cats and (2) it means I have another subject to draw.

But sometimes I'll also go on mini-pilgrimages (like I did today) to look for new cats . Which means I need a bit of cash and a lot of luck. In 80% of the stores I go into, I don't find a cat. It's tough to determine whether they truly don't have one or whether it may be napping or hiding. Asking works sometimes, but store owners can be weary of (or irritated by) me coming into their store and immediately asking about cats.

It's my "policy" to always buy something in each store I go into when I look for cats. It gives me a chance to scope the place out but it also means I'm not being (totally) annoying by coming into a shop, lurking around, and leaving empty handed.

Today was a bust in terms of cats but at least I got a fridge full of drinks out of it.