My Favorite Albums of 2015

Working for yourself often means working by yourself. While this doesn't get me down (I tend to prefer it, lucky for me!), it does mean there is a lot of silence to fill and time to pass during the days and nights. When I'm not listening to WNYC or whatever podcast I most recently came across, I have to have some good tunes handy.

With that in mind, these were my top albums of 2015 - the ones that got me through long nights working late or slow afternoons when I needed some extra motivation to stay at my desk. These are in no particular order aside from how I felt like drawing them. 

I've also put together a Spotify playlist of a few of my favorite tracks from each. Unfortunately "Welcome Late Bloomers" is not available on Spotify but I've linked to those tracks here, here, and here (it really is an amazing album, you won't regret the extra clicks!) 

I hope you enjoy and Happy New Year!